ProWagerSystems is dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest technology. When we started developing our flagship bingo product in 1998, we used Java Applets. A few years later we added slot machines and video poker to our lineup, and redeveloped all of our games in Shockwave, which offered graphics and sound capabilities that went far beyong what Java could provide. Back then, Shockwave was pre-installed on most major browsers, but over the years Flash overtook Shockwave as the most popular online game platform, so we listened to our customers and redeveloped from scratch using Flash. Downloadable desktop clients also became a popular request back in those days before the world switched to mobile.

The Arrival of HTML5

Offline & Live Bingo Solutions

The arrival of HTML5 was a game changer for the industry, offering the ability for developers to create code that didn't require any 3rd party browser add-ons such as Java, Flash, and Shockwave. Of course, we redeveloped all of our games again in HTML5.

But even though HTML5 worked great across all popular browsers, if you wanted your game in the app stores, you had to develop both an Android and iOS app as well. The cost of developing native app and getting them approved and constantly updated in iTunes and Google Play was prohibitive, especially for sites offering real money wagering or even free-play casino games. Further, recent research shows that use of apps is decreasing fast, and 50% of mobile users installed ZERO mobile apps in the past month.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App is a mixture of a mobile and web app. They work for everyone in all browsers and devices (desktop, tablets, phones) from anywhere in the world. They are automatically updated every time they are used, and feel like an app, with similar app-style navigation and interaction. And unlike the old style apps, they are discoverable by search engines and don't need to be downloaded and installed from a store. A user can simply jump right in with a URL or QR code.

In short, a Progressive Web App is just like a regular webpage except that the content (in this case, your game lobby) looks and feels like an app that was downloaded from an app store, and players can even add a convenient shortcut to your game on their device's home screen.