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Our exciting HTML5 Bingo software uses the physical screen size of your players device to deliver the optimal version! Whether using a tablet, smart phone or browser, our HTML5 bingo software has cutting edge graphics and sound, and was designed to be most flexible and customizable platform anywhere.

Blackjack tables can be added directly to your website or included in the 'casino' tab of the HTML5 game lobby.

90 Ball & 75 Ball Versions

Both UK Rules (90 Ball) and 75 ball variations of bingo are supported, with 80 and 30 ball coming soon! Players can purchase, scroll and zoom up to 100 cards. Play modes include auto-daub, auto-claim, and manual-daub with each card indicating the number of calls left to bingo. Our 75 ball bingo includes hundreds of patterns plus a pattern editor.

Administrative Control

You have total control over your game and financial reports, plus player data and game settings. Schedule fully automatic 'live' events to start and stop on precise days and times to award special bonuses.

  • Administration
  • 75, 80, 30 and 90 Ball Versions
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Automatic Events w/Leaderboard
  • Multiple Private Chats
  • Stereo Sound and Music
  • Animated Chat Smileys
  • Blackout, Classic, Corners, Patterns
  • Day/Hour/Minute Scheduling
  • Card Sorting, Paging, Resizing
  • Auto-Daub, Auto-Claim, Auto-Buy
  • Fully Customizable Themes
  • Automated Chat Announcements
  • On-Card # Away Display
  • Hundreds of Patterns w/Editor
  • No-Download Flash Client
  • Optional In-Game Advertising
  • Event Triggered Animations
  • On-Screen Results
  • Player Profile Hooks
  • Player List w/# Away
  • Quick-Chat Buttons
  • Customizable Pot Splits
  • 'Close to Bingo' Music
  • On-Card Pattern Display

Your games are fully customizable. Change the layout, artwork, sounds and caller voice clips to suit your website theme, or create new themes for special holidays and events! All graphics are loaded from a folder on your website at runtime, so your graphic designer has complete control.

In-Game Advertising

Configure banners and links to appear permanently on your game screen or have them appear during intermission. You can even set automatic hyperlinked chat announcements or advertisements to appear


A Windows dedicated or server with SQL Server is required. It is also possible to use MySQL/PHP although the sample website coding which is included with every purchase will only run on Windows, and thus would require some custom programming by your development team.